Innovative Practices at School



THEME AND SPIRAL LEARNING- The multiple perspectives of the year's theme are unfolded as the children view it through their diverse disciplines of Math, Science, Social Studies, Language and Literature. Innovative activities are planned to achieve synergy between the curricula across the classes. The children ask, absorb and assimilate a wide worldview this way.

SELF-DISCOVERY- Respect of oneself is introduced by an exercise of Self-Discovery. Age-appropriately, the children are encouraged to draw, write and even make short films to understand themselves better. Over the years students learn to identify and understand their own inclinations and aspirations and eventually arrive at the choices they wish to make in life.

ENVIRONMENT WEEK- Students make a habit of nurturing nature. They are introduced to in-house solar power and water harvesting, from early on. Plants are lovingly prepared in the school nursery to be offered as ready gifts to friends and visitors. Recycled paper and materials are actively used for school projects and display boards. A bio-gas plant for first-hand learning is also envisaged at the School's own eco-adventure park.  

A hallmark anti-pollution parade with fanfare by students outside the school is our humble homage to the cause of creating environment sensitivity. Our conservation effort has also resulted in our School being selected by the ASI to adopt the Firoz Shah Tughluq tomb in Hauz Khas. 

RAKSHA BANDHAN- The festival is a unique tradition at our School where girls and boys both tie rakhis on each others' wrists to assert equality. 

COMMUNITY OUTREACH AND SHRAMDAAN– Students are trained to spare time and talent for the less privileged. Under the aegis of the Citizenship Programme, students continuously connect with the larger world. We link the class room with the community by arranging visits to old- age homes, orphanages and blind schools. Students learn to voluntarily contribute labour, extended for a certain cause and take on social responsibility. The proceeds of all sales from various handmade products like soap, crafts and herbal holi colour is expended for a charitable purpose.

PEER EDUCATION – Animated exchanges help the children arrive at healthy conclusions independently. A Buddy system as well as a Mentor-Mentee system is enthusiastically applied as effective educators. CIRCLE TIME – Every morning before the commencement of regular studies, every teacher interacts informally with her students on issues of their concern from day to day life. This practice helps the teacher build bonding with the children and simultaneously offers an opportunity to continuously guide them in the desirable direction.

SARVODAYA DIWAS- Grandparents annually assemble for musical mornings made fragrant with family bonding. Sharing and affection abound as generations mingle and the children imbibe the sanskaras, respect for elders and ethics.

COUNSELLING AND SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS'-One-on-one counselling and regular workshops are held addressing life skills, career counselling, cyber- bullying, learning differences etc. We also have in place an Anti-Bullying policy.

· Playful games are designed for the students of Primary Section.
· Audio Video aids are used in the classrooms
· Learning is fun when the teachers arrange interesting games to teach concepts like addition, division, etc.
· Real World Learning is provided to the students by organising Field Trips to places like historical monuments, museums, post offices, etc.
· Brainstorming sessions are organised for the students.
· The classrooms come pre loaded with smart boards and an online teaching portal.
· Classes are arranged outside classrooms to help acquire hands' on experiences in labs, the botanical garden as well as on field trips.
· Role plays, debates, symposia and poetry recitations are organised at all levels
· Puzzles and games are provided to the students.
· School Clubs like: Reading, Literary, Environmental, Health and Wellness, IT, Waste Segregation clubs hold activities regularly.
· Inter House Competitions are planned well in advance, during the setting of the academic calendar.
· English Week is organised annually to offer a congenial platform to students to improve their communication skills.
· Students are sent to participate in International and National level Events to provide them the maximum exposure for a holistic development.
· Initiatives are also taken up for virtual collaboration on Skype as cultural exchanges, to discuss Sustainable Development Goals etc.