Hold our hand and walk along

It all began with a dream.. The dream to create.. The dream to make a difference.. The dream is to see all children smile..

Brick by brick.. paving the course.. we turned our dream into the reality

At The Indian School-Second Shift

We welcome children to a home away from home, where they will be loved and cherished.. where learning is fun.. where fun is in creating.. in exploring.. where children love to come.. where they come to be loved.. where each child enjoys the freedom to develop at his/her own pace.. where each is taught to discover the environment and sense it's joy and bounty.

We welcome all to experience the passion our teachers display while nurturing young minds.. the commitment with which they create cheerful classrooms for happy souls.. the dedication with which they plan to energise tiny hands and minds.. the attention to detail.. their no rush, take your time mantra for each child to grow in.. while they multi-task their way through the day.

We welcome parents to a new concept in education.. which allows early morning family time.. which allows children to learn at a time in the day when they are most receptive.. which allows relaxed evenings when parents know their child's day was well spent..

Let us together watch our children reach milestones and grow into responsible citizens and achievers..

Welcome Aboard!!