Television is a medium of entertainment that permits millions of people listen to the same joke at the same time and yet remain lonely. T.S. Eliot

World Television Day is observed on November 21 globally to highlight the importance of television as something beyond an electronic tool. Since its invention, it has been one of the most vital sources of entertainment. It has equally been an important tool to educate and inform people.

The bright and young students of Pre school and Pre primary were enlightened about the importance of television through a PowerPoint presentation. Each child drew a TV screen and a visual of their favourite cartoon character as a craft activity.

The children were able to relate to the significance of television in our daily lives and how TV viewing keeps us updated about current events around the world. Since every fact has a good and a bad side to it, the students were also educated about the ill effects of this incredible gadget, like excessive and inappropriate watching.

The children of class 1 children observed World Television Day by making posters. They were told about the significance of television and how we use it for entertainment, news, and education. Students also discussed the transition from black-and-white television sets to modern-day colour television.

The class 2 students participated in a debate sharing the advantages and disadvantages of television, helping them learn about its both pros and cons. This instilled interpersonal and kinesthetic skills in the students.

Class 3 students spent the day by participating in an engaging activity. They depicted how T.V. is dominant in their lives, but in various forms, i.e., tablets, smartphones, and laptops. As a part of their activity, they drew images of their favourite channel and a TV show that upholds importance in their lives due to various factors. Students presented the same in class while their peers enjoyed their varied perspectives. The activity brought great joy and learning opportunities to the class.

Class 4 designed amazing television screens with their favourite TV show on them. They also wrote about their favourite shows and characters. 

The students of class 5 celebrated World Television Day with a great zeal. They spoke about their favourite character on Disney World using props as well as anchoring as a reporter.

It was a day to honour Philo Taylor Farnsworth, the designer of the first electronic television. Thus, the day resulted in opening a new dimension of learning and enhancing wisdom and knowledge. The participants were invited to talk about media and communication issues.

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