“Earth without ozone is like a house without a roof.”

World Ozone Day is observed on September 16 every year to spread awareness about the depletion of the Ozone layer and finding possible solutions to preserve it. To spread awareness about the importance of the ozone layer and the need to protect this fragile shield of gas, the students of The Indian School-Second Shift engaged in various activities.

The students of class I students made posters depicting the Ozone layer depletion. They were also sensitised about the consequences of Ozone depletion.

Class 2 students made beautiful posters to  spread awareness about the depletion of this layer and find possible solutions to preserve it. This activity helped in enhancing their psychomotor skills and creative thinking.

Students of class 3 composed slogans on World Ozone Day assimilating their course content and  simultaneously strengthening their communication skills.It encouraged a quite introspection and sensitivity about their surroundings.

The students of class 4 learnt about the importance of the Ozone layer in a story session by their E.V.S teacher, Ms Neelima Oberoi. After the informative session, they designed attractive posters on World Ozone Day and displayed them in their classes.

The students of class 5 made posters and wrote essays on Ozone Day. They discussed the depletion of the layer and the ways to preserve it.

Students of class 6 recited a poem “Save our Sky, be Ozone Friendly “ by Dr. John Celes and talked about the benefits of the Ozone layer.

Students of class 7 and 8 made posters and wrote slogans to celebrate Ozone Day. A group discussion was organised for the students to become them aware about the importance of the Ozone layer and the various reasons for its depletion.

A pledge was taken on the occasion by all students.

"We shall make all efforts to restrict and control the emission of Ozone Depleting Substances to the atmosphere and protect and save all forms of life on Earth. We hereby pledge to protect Mother Earth, save ourselves and protect and conserve the natural resources for future generations."