Kindness is like snow- it beautifies everything it covers.” — Kahlil Gibran

World Kindness Day is observed on November 13th every year to promote the importance of Kiqndness in the world. It also promotes the importance of being kind to oneself. Infact kindness is the crying need of the hour, to overcome the divides in societies across the globe.

On  11th of November, 2022, The Indian School-Second Shift celebrated the day in enthusiasm. The goal was to orient students to understanding the value of kindness and cultivate compassion and empathy in every phase of their lives.

For the students of Pre Primary and Pre school, a storytelling session was held with a message encouraging kindness in day-to-day life. The little students crafted "kindness flowers'.

Class 1 students observed the occasion by expressing gratitude towards the cleanliness helpers at our School. They made “Thank you cards” as a token of gratitude and appreciation, for the service of the helpers to maintain cleanliness and hygiene at School.

The teacher in class 2 explained the “Act of Kindness” with a story and prompted the students to share their experiences about the same. Knowing that their little deeds were indeed  “ acts of kindness” made the students incredibly joyous! They also took a pledge to always be kind to others.

The students of class 3 celebrated this day writing down words related to Kindness, that they would like to use in life. Students also spoke about something generous they have done and how it made them feel. It was awesome to see how quickly they chose to write thoughtful words.

Class 4 made an effort to improve the world around them by recognising good deeds and promoting acts of compassion. They made beautiful posters and shared their 'jars of kindness' with their classmates.

On this occasion, the students of class 5 wrote slogans on posters designed to sensitise peers  and also shared incidents of when they have been kind to others.

The children were encouraged to do good deeds. They learnt the impact of kindness in life and how one kind act can bring a positive change in someone's life.