United Nation Day is observed to mark the anniversary of when the UN Charter came into force. On 24th October, 2022, students of The Indian School- Second Shift participated in activities to help build a better planet.

The students of class 3 conducted a quiz on the UN’s current mission and wrote slogans in appreciation of nations under the UN, learning the importance of cross cultures worldwide.

Class 4 students learnt about honouring the value of cultures worldwide to spawn compassion and tolerance for each other. The children took the opportunity to interviewed their families about cultural history and traditions.

Class 5 students celebrated the day with a round of discussion about the importance of unity in our lives. Students  narrated  incidents during which they worked together for peace at both the national and world levels.

Class 6 students  made interesting posters for the occasion and wrote captivating slogans to spread awareness about the role of the UN in maintaining equality. They also brainstormed on the theme.

Students of class 7 made  posters on the SDGs framed by the  UN and discussed the importance of it towards making our world a better place.

Students of classes 8 and 9 discussed the importance of the 17 SDGs and ways for their effective implementation. They participated in an MUN, where they discussed the manifold missions of the UN.

During the discussions, the young delegates contributed to the model UN committees with clarity and articulation.

At the end, the children assimilated new knowledge about topics which hold potential solutions which helped draft many resolutions.