Every year from September 1 to 7, National Nutrition Week is commemorated to raise public awareness about nutrition and healthy eating habits. Nutrition is the cornerstone of development and it is a fundamental right to be well-nourished.

The Food and Nutrition Board established National Nutrition Week in 1982 and each year the week has a special theme and addresses it via the introduction of numerous programmes. Last year's theme was 'Feeding Smart Right From Start' and this year's theme is - 'Celebrate A World Of Flavours'. 

The Indian School Second Shift observed  ''Nutrition Week'' from 1st to 7th September 2022 across classes 6 to 9 by arranging quizzes, sessions, and poster making. There was an overwhelming response from the students.

The week long activity is observed to enable students at large, to better understand the importance of nutritional and adaptive eating habits to maintain a lifestyle free of illness. In Covid times, an awareness of immunity and health became particularly critical.

Mr Karmendra and Mr Saurabh delivered a session for classes 6 to 9 in which students learned about the linkage between nutrition and lifestyle diseases.

The workshop began with decoding the meaning of nutrition value and lifestyle diseases, followed by an in-depth discussion of how these diseases can be modified or avoided through wise dietary choices.

The primary causes of these lifestyle diseases were identified as consuming junk food, inconsistent meal times, abnormal sleep patterns and stress. The teachers also discussed other key causes of such ailments, such as improper cooking methods, a lack of suitable amount of fruits and vegetables in the diet, and so on. The students recognised the significance of the four primary components involved: diet, exercise, sleep, and circadian rhythm.  These showed how to create a balanced and effective daily routine.

Adopting healthy habits like eating healthily and doing yoga may be beneficial. When it comes to eating nutritious meals, dairy products and green vegetables are crucial.

It was a very fruitful exchange that will greatly help the students in making proper dietary and lifestyle choices.

Let’s take a pledge to prevent undernourishment in our country for India’s overall development.