An equation means nothing to me, unless it expresses a thought of God. - Srinivasa Ramanujan

National Mathematics Day is celebrated on 22 December every year to mark the birth anniversary of renowned Indian mathematician, Srinivas Ramanujan. To commemorate the day, the students of the Indian School-Second Shift undertook various interesting activities.

The Pre schoolers participated in a 'monster activity' where they were asked to read numbers, count objects and feed the monster! This activity aimed to guide the students to understand the concept of addition by counting real life objects. Many other activities like sorting colours with bears and money munchers helped them appreciate the concept in a creative way.

The Pre Primary  students were taught the importance of numbers through a classroom activity by counting the dots to make a christmas tree. They were encouraged to realise that math is good for the brain and helps everyone manage their money, time, and other aspects of daily life. The main goal of the celebration was to generate new interest in the subject. Through these activities, they learnt about the importance of math in their daily lives.

The students of class 1 made posters and were  encouraged to form mathematical equations with the help of flash cards describing addition, subtraction, and comparison symbols. In the process of composing equations with the numbers at hand, the children got a chance to strengthen their inter personal skills.

The students of class 2 enthusiastically participated in a National Mathematics Day activity where they crafted real life objects with basic shapes like the circle, triangle and square, which enhanced their multi-disciplinary skills. The goal of this activity was to help the students overcome their fear of math and to teach them how to deal with numbers and their operations. They also learnt various tips to learn math in an easy way which also inculcated kinaesthetic skills.

The students of class 3 students participated in different activities where they built a fraction wheel that helped them learn the splitting of fractions on a wheel. The children also built a scale to measure objects which helped them learn about measurements. The teachers explained the importance of the occasion and the importance of math in our lives. 

The students of class 4 conducted a newspaper activity based on multiplication and division. They referred to the newspaper to gather numerals for the operation.

Class 5 made a decimal scrapbook where they listed five decimal numbers, wrote the fractional and expanded forms and represented these in pictorial form. In another activity the students collected data about the different dishes they like to eat and presented the data using a bar graph.

The students of class 6 prepared a Powerpoint presentation on Vedic Mathematics' tricks based on four mathematical operations and presented the same in the classroom. The students of class 7 calculated the area of multiple circle cut-outs.

The students of class 8 prepared a presentation on Optical Illusion in the context of Math and shared its relevance in the classroom. The students of class 9 engaged in an experiential learning opportunity by creating their own podcast on the theme, 'circles'. They also portrayed various types of graphs by incorporating art in math.

The math activities conducted across the classes enabled the students to experience a hands-on and diverse learning of the topics covered in the classroom which helped them to identify their own capabilities and motivated them to learn and expand their knowledge. Overall, it was a great learning experience.