National Journalism Day is observed on November 17th in India to recognise and appreciate the relentless efforts of journalists who dedicate their lives to uncovering the truth, reporting stories, and shaping public discourse.

The 1956 Press Commission formed a committee to protect journalism ethics and uphold press freedom in India. A decade later, this vision materialised with the creation of the Press Council, whose primary goal is to protect press freedom and maintain journalistic standards in the country. National Journalism Day is observed every year to honour the Press Council of India (PCI).

The students of classes 5 to 7 of The Indian School-Second Shift celebrated National Journalism Day in enthusiasm on 17 November, 2023. They took this day as an opportunity to explore new career paths for their future.

To understand the importance of print media, the students of class 5 collected some lucid and compelling news articles from recent newspapers and created a collage of the same. The act of physically interacting with the newspaper stimulates the memory section of the brain more than a screen.

The students of class 6 researched on the history of journalism, the various types of journalism, and its importance and role in both English and Hindi. They also took a quiz on current affairs.
All reporters want to write articles that people talk about, and the students of class 7 wrote articles on important news, designed posters, and wrote slogans on the confidence and enthusiasm of a journalist.

The print media has seen substantial growth in the last few years, and with rising education standards, there is more demand for quality work, which invariably strengthens the Indian journalism industry. Journalism has seen significant changes in India, and today it is one of the most striking career options for the young generation in India.