“India is known as a land of festivals and celebrations, Lohri being one of them is unique in its perception and significance.”

Festivals are a period of celebration and bring peace and joy all around. They prompt us to be thankful for God’s blessings and to celebrate his creations.

Lohri is a popular Punjabi folk festival celebrated on 13 January.  People in communities traditionally light bonfires after the rabi cropping is done. They sing and dance to mark the end of winter and the movement of the Sun.

Lohri was celebrated at The Indian School-Second Shift with exuberance on January 13, 2023. Pre school and Pre primary engaged in a variety of  activities.

The Pre school children did craft with peanut shells and paint. Pre primary engaged in a colouring activity where they coloured the contours of the image of a bonfire with hand prints. 

Lohri is incomplete without a bonfire, drums, jaggery, and peanuts. The bonfire, a key feature of Lohri, was kept alight throughout the celebration, lighting up the spirit of joy, happiness and togetherness. The teachers walked around it at safe distance, offering puffed rice, peanuts and jaggery. The mood was joyous.

Festivals such as this help spread good cheer and are welcomed by all.