"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of a Library." - Jorge Luis Borges

A library serves as a gateway to knowledge and culture. Through its resources, it promotes learning, literacy and education, and fosters ideas and perspectives for an innovative society.

A variety of programmes are customarily held to promote awareness about the library during Library Week which was held from 7 to 11 November 2022 this year.

A book fair was organised over two days on the occasion. A wide range of books across disciplines were placed on display for browsing by students and teachers. A lucky draw was also organised. Additionally, there was a book donation drive that prompted the children to share books for the library corner in the class.

For students in class 1, story telling sessions lent for a engaging time. They participated in an activity named “Alphabetically Arrange Your Books” through which they understood the importance of sorting and organising.

Students in class 2 indulged in a poster making and mask making activity named “My Favourite Character”. The children rejoiced in the activity, as it helped them freely express their emotions related to the character.

“Let’s Frame a Story based on a Picture”, an activity that helped the students of class 3, stimulate their imagination and write better.

As a part of the programme, the students of classes 1, 2 and 3 attended a story telling session named, "The Empty Pot." It was a story dramatisation where students got an opportunity to step into the roles once they listened to the story and got familiar with its characters.

The students of classes 4 and 5, had multiple activities lined up like, “I am My Favourite Character” and “Extempore”, allowing them to communicate their thoughts on topics such as “What Planet would you Visit and Why?”, “A much-needed Invention and why?”, “If you were President for a Day, what would you do?” and many more.

An interactive story telling workshop was hosted for classes 4 and 5 named “Mendak ka taaron bhara sapna” followed by activities like mirroring movements and a title tree.

The class 6 students were found hunting for treasures in the library in an activity called, “Join In! The Library Needs Your Help To Find Some Treasures.” It helped them locate valuable resources and know the library better!

The students were also treated to a story telling session with pictures and voice modulation "Dabbu ne seekha sabak".

“You Are invited to illustrate” was organised for the 7th graders where they let their creative thoughts turn to reality by creating illustrations on a canvas. 

Classes 8 and 9 indulged in a “Book Spine Poetry Contest” in which they composed thought filled poems by shuffling and arranging the spines of different books. This was an enjoyable activity that tested and sharpened vocabulary skills.

As a result of the activities conducted during Library Week, the students gained a deeper and wider understanding of the library.

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