“Books are for use. Books are for all. Every book is its reader, or every reader his book. Save the time of the reader. A library is a growing organism.”
                                                                   - Father of Library Science: Dr S. R. Ranganathan

The Indian School-Second Shift organised its Library Foundation Week from 8th August to 12th August 2022. This week is of great importance as the Father of Library Science: Dr S. R. Ranganathan was born on 9th August 1892. On August 9, people also observe National Book Lovers Day to celebrate reading and literature. National Librarian’s Day is celebrated on 12th August, every year, in homage to Dr S. R. Ranganathan.

The primary aim of Library Week is to make students understand the importance of the library for their educational benefit, to inculcate reading habits among them and to promote library resources and their usage.

For the students of classes 1 and 2,  story telling and reading sessions were conducted in the library, introducing them to the world of reading. They actively engaged as we brought alive some of their favourite characters- “Peppa Pig”, “Nippy the Pixie” and so on.

The students of class 3 were taught about the do’s & don’ts, rules and the importance of a library. The children got to know about some popular characters and authors which intrigued their little minds to read and learn more.
The 4th graders wrote about their love for the school library and its importance. Interactive story telling and character study greatly helps them build imagination and curiosity.

The 5th graders composed interesting poems titled, “My School Library” which not only helped their writing skills but also made them realise the importance of a library in the life of a student.

Class 6 made creative book covers of their favourite books to celebrate Book Lovers Day August 9. They discussed the  contribution of Dr S R Ranganathan to the field of library science in India and wrote about the five laws of library science.

Class 7 celebrated by re-reading their old favourites on Book Lovers Day. 

The students of classes 8 and 9 engaged in a debate on the topic – “Physical Book vs E-Book.” Besides this they also wrote down the advantages and disadvantages of their choice. It was a healthy competitive interaction that they thoroughly enjoyed.

The activities conducted during “Library Foundation Week” brought the students closer to the library, increasing their knowledge and reinforcing their sense of wonder in general.

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