Let us pledge to give respect and preference to Hindi!

National Hindi Diwas also known as Hindi Diwas is observed on September 14, every year. On September 14,1949 Hindi was adopted as the official language of the country by the Constituent Assembly of India. The day is observed to promote Hindi as 'Matribhasha' ( mother tongue) of India and to propagate it and the heritage and values associated with it among the people of the country.

Additionally, the day marks the birth commemoration of Beohar Rajendra Sinha, who worked towards making Hindi one of the two official dialects alongside Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, Kaka Kalelkar, Maithili Sharan Gupt, and Seth Govind Das.

To pay tribute and to mark the importance of the country's most widely spoken language, the students of classes 6 to 9 of The Indian School-Second Shift celebrated Hindi Diwas with a special zeal.

The students of class VI wrote slogans on Hindi Diwas to make people more aware about the importance of the language. They also actively participated in poster making competitions on the same theme.

The students of class VII made portraits of Kabir and also noted some famous ‘Kabir ke dohe’. They were familiarised with the life and works of Kabir.

The students of class VIII participated in the 'Mirabai  Padawali Gayan’. By this activity, the students got to know about the life of Mirabai and her contributions to Hindi literature and poetry.

The students of class IX discussed the importance of Hindi Diwas. They also enthusiastically choose their favourite poet and author from Hindi literature and  discussed his or her life and contribution to our heritage.

All these activities greatly helped the students to learn about the importance of Hindi and the significance of Hindi Diwas. The students not only enjoyed the activities, but also enriched their knowledge about the language and its literature.