Global World Handwashing Day is annually observed on October 15 and is aimed at promoting the importance of good hand hygiene as a simple but effective means of preventing diseases. This day was first established by the Global Handwashing Partnership in 2008, intending to foster a global culture of handwashing with soap and to raise awareness about the benefits of this simple yet impactful practice.

The Indian School-Second Shift joined the global community in observing World Handwashing Day. The celebration met with much enthusiasm, from the students of Pre school to class 2. They actively participated in the arious activities which aimed at reinforcing the importance of hand hygiene.

The youngest participants of our celebration, the Pre school students, were engaged in a hand-washing activity that emphasised the significance of proper hand hygiene with the correct technique. Using soap stick replicas, the children practised handwashing, making sure to rub their hands together for 20 seconds, effectively removing all germs.

Pre Primary students turned handwashing into a fun-filled activity. Their activity was filled with laughter and bubbles as they learned how to keep germs at bay. With soapy hands, they made a splash, understanding the importance of staying clean and healthy.

Class 1 students were shown an audio-visual clip on hand hygiene. This clip detailed the steps of handwashing, allowing the students to understand and implement the process thoroughly. After the clip, they demonstrated the steps of handwashing and sang the ‘Happy Hands’ song, further reinforcing the practice.

The students of class 2 were sensitised about the benefits of proper handwashing with soap, by their teachers. To deepen their understanding and spread awareness, they made posters with the theme,  'Spread smiles, not germs.'

In conclusion, Global World Handwashing Day was a resounding success. The various activities helped reinforce the importance of hand hygiene in the minds of our young students, making them more aware of their role in maintaining good health and preventing the spread of diseases