“Every home is a university and the parents are the teachers.”

Mahatma Gandhi 

Parents are the foundation of a child’s life. They devote their lives selflessly to the needs and happiness of their kids without asking for anything in return. To  mark their selfless commitments and immense love, June 1 is celebrated as the  United Nations Global Parents' Day. 

On the occasion, Pre school made beautiful handprint cards for their parents to thank and make them feel special. They also learnt the  song, " We are a Family". 

In order to honour their parents, the children of the Pre primary made beautiful  drawings depicting their moms and dads. They listened to a heartwarming story and  were taught the importance of expressing gratitude  for being blessed them with  amazing parents." 

Class 1 celebrated the day by making beautiful bouquets from old newspapers.  They coloured the newspaper with bright and bold crayons. The next step was to  fold the newspapers equally on both sides and create a piece of art. The  last step was to do dot paintings with acrylic colours. They also sang songs like ‘I  love you Mommy, I love you Daddy’ and ‘I love you, You love me, We are a  happy family’ for their lovely parents. 

Class 2 students celebrated Global Parents' Day with a comic skit. The skit  humorously highlighted the vital role parents play in our lives. Through this performance, the students learned the importance of their parental love, support and guidance. The valuable lesson learned was that parents are irreplaceable and should be cherished every day.