The Indian School-Second Shift,  held its Annual Exhibition on 29 October 2022. As customary and especially so in the 75th year of independance, the annual exhibition is our School's offering to the cause of freedom. We believe that it is the march of science and civilisation that can liberate our motherland and himanity, in true sense.

The students worked tirelessly with their teachers to discover, innovate and demonstrate their findings in areas of science, technology, the languages and  the social sciences.

The young Indianites resonated with excitement during the event which highlighted this year’s theme “Reclaiming my Planet”.It showcased the innovative summer vacation projects and models crafted by students. The students of classes Pre School to IX eagerly participated in subjective projects and collaborated to use recyclable scrap items available at home and at School.

The occasion was graced by School’s Chairperson Ms Brinda Shroff, Principal Ms Tania Joshi, Headmistress, Ms Sheeja Menon and the PTA body. The programme was inaugurated with the Saraswati Vandana followed by an address by the headmistress declaring the exhibition open.

The auditorium was abundantly rich with displays. The exhibits of Pre School and Pre Primary were displayed in the respective classrooms. The five pillars of the academic curriculum- sciences, social sciences, computer science, mathematics and languages came together to spread knowledge through innovative collection of projects and models to dazzle the mind.

The ENGLISH department enthralled the audience with their tongue twisters, homophones' game and vocabulary puzzles. Holiday Homework projects like decorative word ladders and noun town presentations were also displayed. The Punctuation Pot, verb games and the noun quiz left the parents awestruck.
The ‘Guess Who’ interactive game was a major attraction of wherein the names of authors and poets had to be identified by their pictures and clues!

As it is the 75th year of independence, glimpses of the past and the independence struggle was shown through comic strips created by our artistic students.

'Dr Bincos', a language corner  was the culmination of the current environmental situation with a hint of sarcasm, that made all the audience ponder and wonder! Students also presented themselves as reporters for their own curated channel, named ‘AWAKE YOUTH T.V.’ that showcased news with parody attracting great attention from all.

The show was liked and applauded by many parents for its new age thinking and presentation with a new twist.

The HINDI department showcased summer activities and projects which enhanced the knowledge of the language. Activities of Hindi ke Parvayachi, Bujho to jaano- a paheli, Vilom shabd, choosing the correct adjectives for the pictures and models based on Green Earth were the special attraction for one and all.

The artistic students also made a beautiful portrait of Helen Keller and Jhansi ki Rani. The games corner included games like Chitron ki Bhasha and Bujho toh jaane that were enjoyed by the parents.

The MATH department presented a collaborative effort with a live show- Board games (Addition and Subtraction Bingo, Snakes and Ladders), Project on Shape Monsters (3D shapes model), Snakes and Ladders game models, Spiral Board Game etc.

Various Mathematical models such as the Addition machine, Place value model, Multiplication model, Mental Math Wheel, Division model, Geometry-Angle model, Subtraction machine and attractive games like Mental Math Bonzo were exhibited. 

Middle School exhibited a model on the construction plan of cities in which they showed the measurement of roads house, a mathematics house, Vedic maths tricks, HCF and LCM model, net diagram of 3-D shapes, mathematics Table lamps with help of different shapes using plastic bottles, portraits of great athematicians with the help of mathematical operations and symbols and different mathematics games.

The enchanting exhibits enabled the parents to understand and learn about various techniques of easy and faster calculation.

The COMPUTER SCIENCE department showcased an innovative customised projector, creating a bigger projected image on the screen that will be inverted, a model on a Satellite Communication System, an offline game on scratch called Monster Hop and a calculator on the same basis. A Techno Quiz was also conducted by the students that was enjoyed by the parents.

The SCIENCE department showcased a live experiment of Rainbow Colour Dispersal and many innovative models like the hydraulic crane, a biogas plant, water harvesting system, water treatment plant, air treatment plant, solar power plant, train track checking system and smart home were displayed. Students also displayed a green house and hydroponic farming for sustainable development and explained how farming can be done without using much water and in the absence of soil.
An agro-waste management project was one of the highlights of the day, where students explained how one can manage  agro waste by converting it into biofuel to get rid of the pollution caused by the burning of such waste. The projects and models also emphasised the use of green and renewable energy for sustainable development.

Our little environmentalists took a step ahead of the new age thinking and ventured to innovation as they made projects and models depicting concept learning and fundamental environmental topics as well. The overall experiments showcased by students had parents overwhelmed by their children's  effort and growth.

The exhibits displayed were a combination of both knowledge and exemplified the knowledge through the year. Working models such as the Active volcano leaning, Hydraulic Lift system which helps in saving electricity, floating house- presumably an alternative in times of flood, were the big attractions.

Apart from presenting knowledge-based models, students went on to showcase ways to make our planet greener.

Lastl but not the least, the Maglev Train constructed by our little innovators drew much applause and appreciation from many.

The SOCIAL SCIENCE department exhibited innovative models on the earth's rotation, famous historical places, 3D replicas of the earth's interiors, "Garbage to Garden", a working model of day and night, a "wastewater treatment plant" (WWTP), and "Drip Irrigation".

Students also prepared a rolling board on the topic “India in a Nutshell".

The FRENCH language enthusiasts mesmerised the visitors by their melodious singing of a French song along with the creative artwork and model of Eiffel Tower using matchsticks, a French Calendar, a trifold model representing the famous attractions of Paris.

The Creative Corner provided the open space to the parents to exhibit their observations on the happiness wall and imprint their own self-curated design on the various articles that were later gifted to the parents as a token of appreciation.

The Citizenship Counter was flooded with appreciation of the unique recycled decorative items such as baskets made of jute and wool, the vermicompost and plants, decorated recycled bottles and posters turned into table mats.

The outstanding feature of the exhibition was its multidisciplinary approach towards teaching and learning. The students learned the value of research work, organisational skills and team work when putting up an event such as this on a grand scale. The spontaneous creativity and the effort of the students was captivating and very engaging. The parents were enthralled by the performance of their wards.

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