The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women marks the launch of the UNiTE campaign (Nov 25- Dec 10) — an initiative of 16 days of activism concluding on the day that commemorates International Human Rights Day (10 December).

This campaign, led by the UN Secretary-Genera since 2008, aims to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls around the world. It calls for global action to increase awareness, promote advocacy and create opportunities for discussion on challenges and solutions.

Classes 6 to 8 of the Indian School Second Shift celebrated the day at school on 25th November, 2022. All the students were introduced to the evil of violence against women. They were told about how violence can be in physical, mental and emotional forms, in public as well as in the home.

Class 6 made posters by hand printing, reiterating the need to stop violence against women in all forms. They wrote slogans about the significance of awareness and raising our voices against it.

For class 7, an interactive session was conducted where the students were sensitised about gendered violence and their questions were answered. Students were sensitised about how women, in all spheres of life are discriminated against and suffer violence.

Class 8 made aesthetic posters demonstrating the condition of women in India and the world in general. Like caged birds, often women are unable to speak up against the wrong done to them and continue to suffer in silence. The students were encouraged to speak up against any and all forms of violence against women and always respect the gender. 

The activities were aimed at sensitising students about a very serious issue and to expand knowledge in regard to the same. In fact the students gained a whole new perspective about violence against women.